IPL Skin Treatments and Hair Removal

IPL is a new and proven technique that works on a variety of skin problems including freckles, sun spots, dull skin appearance due to excessive sun exposure and some other pigmentary complaints; redness of the skin due to rosacea, acne scars and fine broken veins in the skin; fine wrinkles and prominent facial pores.

IPL is particularly effective in the permanent elimination of unsightly facial and body hair, including bikini lines, and shoulder and back hair in men. When used to treat unwanted body or facial hair, IPL destroys the follicle, rendering it unable to produce new growth.

IPL treatments are free of any discomfort and you can return to your daily routines immediately after treatment. Many people see immediate results from their first treatment. Others, with more severe problems, may require a number of treatments to achieve the required rejuvenation they seek.