Lipotomy 2.0

Lipotomy 2 is the latest breakthrough in slimming, developed over 5 years by European Slimming CentresĀ®. It is a non non surgical technique that can eliminate body fat instantly. This method to achieve a slimmer body is now very popular with many famous celebrities in Europe and America.

Ultrasound technology

New Ultrasound technology is the basis of Lipotomy 2.0 and can penetrate deeper into fat tissue to breakdown body fat. This new technique is more effective than many other methods, ensuring effective results first time.

Three Steps

Dilute fat tissue with Lipo Tonic

Breakdown the diluted fat with Ultrasound Vibrator

Diluted fat eliminated by normal body function

Flat Tummy

Lipotomy 2.0 is a non surgical technique performed by our specially trained Doctor Consultants. No surgery, no chemical medications, no downtime, giving long term results as the 3 step procedure breaks down and eliminates real fat - not body fluid.